Heart shaped fried eggs with two yolks on slice of wheat bread
The Best Fried Eggs Require One Extra Step And No Extra Ingredients
By Asia McLain
Fried eggs are savory with an earthy essence and are a delicious, protein-forward addition to any meal. To make perfect fried eggs, place a lid on your skillet as they fry.
This technique, known as steam-basting, cooks your eggs more gently, delivering a slow simmer that helps you achieve the balance of a slightly set yolk and crispy bottom.
The first step to steam-frying your eggs is to decide which fat to cook them in. Whether you choose butter, olive oil, or even bacon fat, one tablespoon is sufficient.
Once your eggs are in a skillet, pop on a tight-fitting lid and lower the heat. The trapped steam will permeate the egg, cooking both sides thoroughly within two to six minutes.