top view of a whole roasted chicken
The Bag Hack For Effortlessly Deboning A Rotisserie Chicken
By Elaina Friedman
Carving a rotisserie chicken can leave you covered in greasy juice, but there's a viral TikTok hack that allows you to debone the whole bird easily and without any mess.
Originally posted by Texan Katie Reames, the method involves transferring a rotisserie chicken to a large Ziploc bag and massaging it until the tender meat falls off the bone.
After a minute of vigorous prodding, Reames is left with a bag of poultry meat in various shapes and sizes, including those little bits that would otherwise cling to the bone.
This method has received both positive and negative feedback. Some users who found success wished they had learned about the trick sooner.
Others doubted that the method removed all the bones and said they had to pick them out. Reames replied that this didn't happen to her, despite having tried it with two chickens.
Those experiencing difficulty might want to be gentle when messaging the poultry legs, which contain the tiny, sharp fibula bones the users may be referring to.