Miami, Florida, USA - March 24, 2013 : Kirkland Bag of potato chips isolated on white background. Kirkland is the Costco's store brand. The photo was taken in my studio.
The Amazon Shortcut To Get Kirkland Food Without A Costco Membership
By Alli Neal
Just because you don’t have a Costco membership, doesn’t mean you can’t purchase Kirkland food products. Thanks to Amazon, you can now buy many Kirkland Signature products without a Costco membership, and depending on where you live, some items are even available for same-day delivery.
Kirkland clothing, household goods, pharmacy shelf items, and dry grocery items may all be simply shipped from the brand's Amazon store. Even Costco products with the biggest cult followings are available on Amazon, including Kirkland Signature coffee, olive oil, nuts, protein bars, turkey jerky, and maple syrup.
However, prices on Amazon can fluctuate, so buying Kirkland products there won't get you the same great deals you'd get in-store. It depends on how much you purchase—for example, a Kirkland two-liter bottle of extra-virgin olive oil costs $21.99 at Costco but $28.96 on Amazon Prime—to determine if a $60 membership is more affordable.