Close up chef holding an olive oil bottle pouring olive oil in a hot pan. Food and vegetable cooking concept.
The Aluminum Foil Hack For Disposing Of Hot Cooking Oils
By Angel Albring
TikTok has become the go-to site for cleaning, cooking, and organization tips — or life hacks. One kitchen hack garnering a ton of attention on this social media platform is how to get rid of hot cooking oils with a simple aluminum foil trick.
TikTok user Val DeFoe (@icevee) lines the sink with aluminum foil, indenting the center without piercing it to allow the grease to drain to the center. Next, they took a pan of hot beef off the stove, strained it into a colander in the sink, and once the grease was contained in the aluminum foil, they threw it out.
This trick will help you dispose of cooking oil without pouring it down the drain and avoid future plumbing problems that could cost you thousands of dollars. Not only that, draining and rinsing cooked meat can reduce its fat content by up to 50%, significantly reducing calorie and fat counts.