Some customers ordering things to eat at a food truck in the city.
The Actual Reason Festival Food Truck Menu Items Are So Expensive
By Heidi Chaya
Vendors in food trucks travel to carnivals, festivals, and fairs slinging awesome food all day to hungry attendees; however, while they usually serve uncomplicated dishes that are made with affordable ingredients, they’re still quite expensive. One of the major reasons for the hiked prices is that the vendors don't actually get to keep all the money they make.
During an event, the event organizers often get a percentage of all the profits; where huge events like Bonnaroo can take up to a 30% cut. Additionally, it's often hard for vendors to find sufficient staff to suit their needs as, though they often earn good money, the labor involved in prep and setup can be grueling.
While festival food truck profitability depends on the size of the event and demand for the product, factors like weather, competition, and location are also considered, along with expenses like stall fees and staffing. However, if you can afford it, don’t think twice about spending at a festival food truck as it helps support local businesses and celebrate
state and regional specialties.