Watermelon slices.
The Act Of Sprinkling Salt On Watermelon Spans Many Cultures
By Crystal Antonace
While watermelon is one of the most hydrating fruits, more juice is created when a bit of salt is added to the surface, and many countries have added salt to watermelon for years.
In the U.S., southerners have added salt to watermelon since the beginning of the 20th century, utilizing this hydrating snack to replenish lost electrolytes during the summer.
Historically, when we look at the countries that have long since enjoyed a version of this salty-sweet snack, many are considered warm-weather environments.
Beyond the Southern states in the U.S., Japan has long enjoyed salted watermelon, as have fruit lovers in the Philippines, India, and Saudi Arabia.
Whether you use table salt, Himalayan, or flaky granules, salt draws out watermelon's inner juices, making it even more refreshing and satisfying for those in warm climates.