Plates of aluminum foil filled with vegetables
The Acidic Foods To Avoid Cooking On Top Of Aluminum Foil
By Angel Albring
As aluminum foil withstands high heat, resists moisture, and blocks odors, it can be paired with the newest gadgets, like air fryers, to make cooking and clean-up a cinch. While it seems like aluminum foil can do almost anything, you should avoid cooking these acidic foods that may react with the metal.
If you want to cook acidic foods such as tomatoes, fruits, peppers, and marinades containing vinegar or citrus, it's better to skip the aluminum foil and opt for a ceramic or glass dish. If aluminum foil is needed, line it with parchment paper to create a barrier and protect your food.
Meredith Laurence of Blue Jean Chef says acidic ingredients may cause the foil to break down and leach aluminum into your food, causing the food to discolor or give it a metallic taste. The thinner the foil, the more likely it is to react with the acid, and the longer the acidic food sits on the foil, there is more opportunity for corrosion to occur.