Ground coffee in filter holder isolated on white background overhead view
The Absolute Best Parchment Paper Substitute To Use In A Pinch
By Kalea Martin
If you run out of parchment paper while baking, there is a surprisingly effective alternative that will provide a similar barrier between food and the pan and easy cleanup.
Despite their original purpose in filtering grounds, large basket-style coffee filters can substitute parchment paper for hassle-free baking, especially in round cake pans.
While parchment paper and coffee filters share a papery texture and are effective for lining baking pans, they differ in composition.
Unlike parchment paper, coffee filters aren't nonstick, so add oil to the filter before pouring in your batter or adding your food onto the lined baking pan.
Coffee filters aren't made for too-high temperatures. They are not water-resistant, so it's best to use them in a pinch rather than as a permanent replacement.