Andrew Zimmern standing and smiling
The 3 Ingredients Andrew Zimmern Won't Eat
By Arianna Endicott
While TV show host and chef Andrew Zimmern is open-minded about food and may try anything once, he doesn't like everything he eats, and here are three foods he can't stand.
The chef has been relatively vocal over the years about disliking walnuts. In an article Zimmern wrote for Time, he shared that he enjoys other nuts — just not walnuts.
In a TikTok video posted to the chef's account, he simply said that raw cookie dough should be used for its intended purpose.
Cookie Dough
While Zimmern's dislike of the sweet treat was notably due to the taste and texture, the raw eggs and flour in the dough could actually be cause for health concerns.
There is also one breakfast food you'll never catch Andrew Zimmern eating. "I won't eat oatmeal," he told the Wall Street Journal in a 2022 interview.
He specified that the oats themselves are superb, highlighting oatmeal raisin cookies and granola. The chef also recommends adding oats to soup, stew, and haggis for extra texture.