A Costco Wholesale store in West Palm Beach, Florida
The 2-Pack Croissant Loaf Bread Costco Shoppers Absolutely Love
By Arianna Endicott
Some Costco locations have begun carrying a loaf of sliced bread that mimics the taste and feel of a croissant, and shopper reviews have been mostly positive.
The bakery that manufactures the bread, Schwartz Brothers Bakery, posted about the Costco two-pack, noting that it was only available in Seattle-area stores as of October 2023.
For those outside the range, you can find single loaves in other grocery stores where Schwartz Brothers products are sold, but Costco offers the biggest discount for two loaves.
The internet loves the bread, with one Instagram user calling it "the best thing Costco's ever had in their entire store." One comment says, "I got 3 packs already."
A YouTube video described them as "buttery smooth" with "a nice aeration." You can add delicious toppings like jam and butter or opt for making overnight French toast.