Closeup of a French onion dip.
The 2-Ingredient Onion Dip That's A Been A Crowd-Pleaser For Decades
By Matthew Wilson
You've probably had it at a birthday party growing up or made it for that Super Bowl party you've invited all your friends to –– French onion dip has largely stood the test of time.
One of the reasons it's so appealing for get-togethers is that it's easy to make. The only two ingredients you need are Lipton's onion soup mix and some sour cream.
French onion dip is actually American-born and was created in California sometime in 1954 when Americans needed more convenient dishes.
Lipton capitalized on this need, and through the 1950s, the soup company ran ads in newspapers throughout California, seeing increased sales.
Today, Lipton has returned the nostalgic recipe on the back of its onion soup boxes, an instant hit to a population increasingly willing to consume processed and dehydrated foods.