Marilyn Monroe in a scene from Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.
The 2-Ingredient Drink Marilyn Monroe Always Had For Breakfast
By Noor Anand Chawla
Because of her busy schedule, iconic actress Marilyn Monroe survived on quick and easy-to-make high-protein meals, like her go-to breakfast meal of two raw eggs and hot milk.
In an interview with Pageant magazine in 1952, Monroe said, "Before I take my morning shower, I start warming a cup of milk on the hot plate I keep in my hotel room."
She added, "When it's hot, I break two raw eggs into the milk, whip them up with a fork, and drink them while I'm dressing."
She also said she supplemented the mixture with one multivitamin pill, saying, "I doubt if any doctor could recommend a more nourishing breakfast for a working girl in a hurry."