A closeup of lit birthday candles on a cake.
The 10-Pound Monster Dessert Available At Costco
By Elaina Friedman
Costco is a great place to shop for fans of monster desserts. Its bakery boasts a half-sheet cake that clocks in at a whopping 9.5 pounds – enough to feed up to 48 people.
Two of those pounds are made of vanilla or chocolate cheesecake mousse, while the rest comes from the white or chocolate sponge and a generous layer of buttercream frosting.
In addition to being among the biggest desserts in Costco history, the half-sheet cake gets high marks for top-tier ingredients and affordability.
Although vanilla is often regarded as the plainer of the two flavors, the white cake is the clear favorite of Costco bakers and sheet cake fans on a Reddit thread.
One user likened the vanilla cake to a wedding cake, noting that the buttercream frosting is “very sweet but delicious and smooth, not cheap at all.”
Beyond taste, the $25 price of Costo's monstrous cake is substantially less than Walmart's $42.96 sheet cake, which has the same number of servings.