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Thai Fried Chicken Is Kicked Up A Notch By One 'Magical' Ingredient
By Haldan Kirsch
Almost every food culture around the world seems to have its own take on fried chicken, but "Hat Yai" Thai fried chicken, originating in the south of Thailand, is unique. It has since spread worldwide, even becoming a Lay's potato chips flavor, and its popularity has a lot to do with this key ingredient made by fermenting fish with sea salt.
That key ingredient to making delicious Hat Yai is the fish sauce — which can add a kick of “umami flavor” to almost any concoction. Fish sauce in Thai fried chicken boosts the salty, savory notes of the dish, contrasting the sugar found in the breading and creating a delicious flavor blend that goes well beyond other bland fried foods.
Another unique element of Thai fried chicken is that it is marinated in a mix of cilantro, peppercorns, soy sauce, and fish sauce before being breaded and fried. The unique crust uses a dredge containing sugar, which caramelizes when fried to add a layer of complexity to the flavor and a crunchy bite to the breading without overpowering its salty and savory meat.