A bowl of Texas trash dip surrounded by chips.
Texas Trash Dip Is Perfect For When Canned Refried Beans Are Boring
By Crystal Antonace
To breathe new life into canned refried beans, try infusing them with cream cheese, sour cream, and cheese to make a creamy and delicious Texas Trash dip.
Texas trash dip rewards you with warm and savory beans in every bite, and preparing this dip is very simple because it doesn't require a lot of preparation.
Instead of waiting for cold cream cheese to come to room temperature, soften your creamy ingredients in the microwave before whisking in the canned refried beans.
Mix in the other ingredients and whatever combination of seasonings you enjoy. Add extra garlic powder for heightened flavor or cayenne pepper for additional heat.
Once the mixture is nicely blended, transfer your dip to an oven-safe casserole, top with more cheese (if you like), and bake until hot and melty.