A chicken pot pie
Soft Cheese Is The Ingredient Your Chicken Pot Pie Needs
By Camryn Teder
Traditional chicken pot pie with creamy chicken stew encapsulated in a soft, buttery pie crust usually comes without cheese, but this unique addition can take it even further.
A soft cheese will bring a tangy edge to this otherwise mild American classic and easily melt into your pie's filling, meshing incredibly well with the rich and creamy ingredients.
Boursin boasts a lineup of soft cheeses in many flavors, from garlic and herbs to shallot and chive, which can infuse a classic chicken pot pie with a more complex flavor.
Velveeta brings a mild American cheese-like flavor to your savory pie, while brie can make for an incredibly gooey interior that enhances the pie's buttery flavors.
After deciding on your cheese, the amount you'll need will vary per recipe, so start by adding a little at a time. When you find the perfect ratio, it's time to indulge.