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Soak Up Air Fryer Grease With Just A Slice Of Stale Bread
By Branden C. Potter
You should clean your air fryer regularly to remove the grease that builds up over time. To remove some grease before cleaning, simply place a slice of bread at the basket's base.
As you use the air fryer, the grease will drip onto and be absorbed by the bread. You can use stale bread to reduce food waste and easily remove the greasy bread to dispose of it.
This trick minimizes the frequency of comprehensive air fryer cleaning and eliminates the need for aluminum foil, which catches grease but doesn't absorb it and can lead to spills.
Using aluminum foil isn't the most eco-friendly approach, so consider replacing that foil with a piece of bread to act as a grease-absorbing sponge.
When it's time to refresh, throw out the used bread and insert another slice. If stale bread isn't available, the often-neglected end piece of sliced bread serves the same purpose.