Fresh pineapple cubes, a tropical fruit chopped and prepared for presentation in its own cross section half bowl. This yellow grocery item may be organically grown and is a favorite sweet food ingredient for appetizers, desserts, or drinks.
Soak Pineapple In Rum For A Stunningly Simple Boozy Treat
By Grace Allison
Nothing says summer like pineapple and rum — the combo is juicy, boozy, and seriously fruity. It may seem like this duo can't be matched, but we’ve got a new twist on it.
Instead of crushing or juicing the pineapple to fit the rum, keep it in snackable form for a simple boozy treat that’ll amp up any summer event. It only takes 10 minutes to prep.
Start by slicing your pineapple into ​​small chunks that are light enough to pick up with a toothpick. Evenly space them in a large, flat tray to soak up as much rum as possible.
You can put them in a glass container or jar if you don't have a tray or flat dish. However, you may need more rum to ensure they are covered.
If you want to add another ingredient to the pineapple (like cinnamon or vanilla), add it to the rum first, before pouring the mixture into a tray or jar and covering it.
Refrigerate this for 12-24 hours, so the pineapple doesn’t lose its crunchy texture. When ready to serve, pour out the liquid and add the chunks to a bowl.
For a lighter, flavorful snack, consider using coconut-flavored rum or liqueur (like Malibu), or mix coconut cream into silver rum. It will taste tropical, like a piña colada.
You can use dark or spiced rum; just be mindful of the ABV% and expect a much stronger kick if you choose rum with no added sugar. Try different rums to find your preference.