Snoop Dogg relaxing on a chair.
Snoop Dogg's Favorite Homemade Snack? Hard-Boiled Eggs On Toast
By Kalea Martin
Snoop Dogg is a musical icon, but he also has a presence in the culinary world. He has even shared the spotlight on cooking shows with Martha Stewart and authored cookbooks.
However, even though he has shared his own recipes for dishes like Lobster Thermidor and filet mignon, his favorite homemade snack is hard-boiled eggs on toast.
"They're fast to make, and not hard to make," the rapper explained during an interview with Insider. "Can't really mess that up."
This simple snack has always had a place in the rapper's heart because it was one of his favorite things to eat as a child.
As Snoop shared with Insider, at the elementary school he went to, breakfast was available to the students. One of the options was hard-boiled eggs and toast.
"We couldn't wait to get to school to get that hard-boiled egg and put it in the toast. A beautiful thing," he commented during the interview.