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Shake Shack Uses A Controversial Grocery Store
Bun for Its
Iconic Burgers
By Stacie Adams
When it comes to the buns used for its burgers, Shake Shack insists on using potato rolls from Martin's Famous Pastry Shoppe, a Pennsylvania-based business with customers all over the globe. The popular burger joint can attest to the brand's quality but has received backlash for continuing to do business with the bakery after the political leanings of the Martin family have come to light.
Martin’s executive chairman Jim Martin and his wife and daughter financially support Doug Mastriano, a former Republican gubernatorial candidate, and current Pennsylvania state senator. Mastriano has taken a hardline stance on abortion, has an association with QAnon, flirts with antisemitism and homophobia, and played a role in the insurrection on January 6, 2021.
Shake Shack has emphasized that it does not share the political leanings of the Martin family but stopped short of saying it would no longer purchase buns from the business. Many other businesses, including Quinnie's, a Hudson, New York-based eatery, and Mike's BBQ, located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, have vowed to cease using Martin's products.