Broad noodles with Bolognese sauce on a black plate
Seriously Elevate Your Bolognese Sauce With An Unexpected Spice
By Ashlyn Frassinelli
A traditional Bolognese recipe contains a medley of ingredients, including broth, milk, wine, and various spices, but consider adding cinnamon for an unexpected depth of flavor.
Cinnamon is warming, slightly sweet, a little sharp, and has a hint of heat without being overly hot. This medley of unique flavors makes cinnamon a versatile spice.
For Bolognese, cinnamon sticks are often used because of the sauce's typically long cooking time; steep the sticks as the sauce simmers, then remove them before serving.
Ground cinnamon covers a greater surface area and dissolves directly into the food, giving dishes a more intense, immediate flavor. You'll just need ¼ teaspoon.