A closeup of a Costco signage.
Score Bakery Items For Way Less With A Nifty Costco Tip
By Betsy Parks
Satisfying your family's sweet cravings at a Costco bakery section can burn your wallet, especially if your family is addicted to the $40 pies and the $70 big tray cookies.
However, if you want to save a couple of bucks on your next dessert run at Costco, check the bakery's freezer section before you buy anything sold at room temperature.
A lot of Costco's most loved bakery items are available frozen and cost a fraction of the price of their baked brethren. All you have to do is bake it yourself at home.
You can have your favorite goods baked fresh and ready any day of the week while saving a few dollars to spend on a giant cookie at the food court on your way out of the store.
You can even place an order if you have a specific item in mind that isn't available in the frozen section and still get it at a cheaper price.