apple hand pies dusted with powdered sugar
Rice Paper Is The Unexpected Ingredient For Crispier Apple Hand Pies
By Molly Wilson
An apple hand pie is a portable, single-serving alternative to a traditional pie. It's delicious and simple to make if you use rice paper instead of pie crust.
This rice paper swap results in a crispier, crunchier, and sweeter pie, and it saves time since you don't need to make a crust from scratch or portion out a prepackaged crust.
Rice paper wraps don't require much deviation from your typical apple hand pie process, but they're sold in dry sheets, so you have to wet them first to make them pliable.
Fill a wide, shallow bowl with warm water and quickly dunk each sheet so they don't get too soft and sticky. Set them smooth side down and spoon the filling onto the textured side.
Depending on your preference, you can mix up your filling with chopped or sliced apples, but chopped apples might be more consumer-friendly for these handheld treats.
Add your apple filling to the rice paper sheets and roll them up like you would a spring roll or a burrito. Then, simply bake, fry, or air fry the rolls to crispy perfection.