A bowl of chocolate chips
Reseal A Bag Of Chocolate Chips With A Handy Plastic Bottle Hack
By Greta Pano
Instead of recycling your plastic water or soda bottle, use it to store a bag of chocolate chips. This hack keeps them fresh while making them easier to pour into a bowl.
If you have the bottles already, this simple trick is free, prevents spills that leave tiny bits of food scattered in your kitchen or pantry, and doesn't require much effort.
Grab a clean, empty, plastic water or soda bottle and a knife, boxcutter, or scissors. Cut off the top a couple of inches below the cap, close to the top of the label.
You only need the top of the bottle, so recycle the bottom. Scrunch up the opening of the chocolate chip bag and feed it through the bottom of your cut plastic piece.
Fold the bag sticking out of the top over the mouth of the bottle, then screw on the cap. If you want a wider mouth for pouring, use a plastic bottle with a larger mouth.
This air-tight storage hack keeps your food fresh by preventing it from oxidizing and developing undesirable flavors or colors, which extends the chocolate's shelf-life.