A spice explosion.
Remove Those Useless Plastic Sifters And Free Your Spice Jars
By Betsy Parks
Toss out those useless plastic shaker tops that come with them to avoid wasting time and under-seasoning your food.
While the perforated plate may seem like it's helping, it's easier to take the shaker tops off so you can get a spoon in the jar to measure the amount of spice you need accurately.
Adding seasoning multiple times while cooking helps build a dish's flavor, but as the tiny holes release a small amount of spice, removing the sifter allows you to season properly.
If you want to sprinkle spices on dishes, put a few tablespoons on a handheld cocktail sieve, hold it over your food, and tap the edge of the tool with the backside of a knife.
However, a sifter is useful for seasonings that you only use a small amount of and keep on the table, like salt, pepper, and red pepper flakes.