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Ree Drummond Has A Simple Oven Hack For Crispier Pie Crust
By Kalea Martin
Pie crust is one of the most important elements of a pie as it holds the dessert together and creates a delicious contrast to the soft gooey consistency of the filling. Combining uncooked pie dough and wet filling can result in partially raw or not fully crisp crusts, but luckily Ree Drummond has a tip to avoid this.
Drummond recommends putting your pie on the lowest rack in the oven, which crisps up the crust while preventing the tops and edges from burning before the rest of the pie is finished baking. The bottom rack of the oven is closest to the heat, meaning it cooks the pie quicker and prevents sogginess.
For an even crispier pie, Drummond suggests putting it in the freezer for 15 minutes after you make it, or if freezing the dough overnight, let it thaw for 15 minutes before assembling the pie. Drummond admitted flaky pie crusts were hard for her before she applied these tips, so try it yourself for a delicious crispy pie.