Red red stew in a bowl served with a plantain
Red Red: The Ghanaian Stew That's So Good They Named It Twice
By Cristine Struble
The Ghanaian stew red red is a hearty, flavorful dish featuring slow-stewed black-eyed peas. Some recipes are strictly vegetarian, while others add pork, beef, or other proteins.
Traditionally, the beans are cooked in zomi, or red palm oil. Occasionally, they are cooked twice to enhance the color and flavor.
The palm berry fruit can be pungent-smelling, but when it is used for cooking, the buttery notes appear more delicate, while the ingredients take on its bold color.
The red red gets another color boost from tomato paste, chopped tomatoes, and earthy spices. The slow-cooked stew marries all the flavors, creating a thick, substantial bite.
Whether served on top of rice, plantains, or fish, the Ghanaian stew red red satisfies both flavor and cost-efficient cooking, highlighting beans and cassava powder.