Meatball sandwich with tomato sauce and cheese on a hoagie roll.
Ranking Classic Meatball Subs From 12 Sandwich Chains
By Trevor Carlson
12. Subway
According to alleged employees on Reddit, Subway's meatballs are pre-cooked and then reheated in its stores, which can lead to relatively tough meatballs.
Also, Subway's meatballs taste over-processed, the sauce is often thick and pasty, the bread is mediocre at best, and there's not enough cheese.
11. Togo's
Some customers say Togo’s marinara sauce tastes similar to ketchup, and the sub is quite saucy, which makes the bread too soggy.
The meatballs are a decent size, and if the marinara tasted better and was ladled out with more discretion, this sub might rank a little higher on our list.
10. Wawa
The main problem here is the sauce, as some customers report it's a bit too sweet, which throws the flavor of the whole meatball sub off.
While Wawa is still an excellent spot to score a quick and affordable hoagie, the truth is that there are still better options on the table at other sandwich chains.
9. Potbelly Sandwich Works
The bread quality in Mama's Meatball sub from Potbelly is a step up, but the problem lies mainly with the meatballs, as some customers have reported them to be on the dry side.
One customer went as far as to compare their texture to sawdust and said that the meatballs in this sub taste more like ground turkey rather than pork or beef.
8. Which Wich
Which Wich has two meatball sub options. Unfortunately, some customers have been disappointed by the scarcity of marinara on the Meat Balr.
However, Which Wich gets some points for its Meatball Grinder, which mixes meatballs with Italian cold cuts in a delicious stroke of genius.