glass of orange soda with ice over green background
Ranking 9 Orange Soda Brands From Worst To Best
By Justin Owen
9. Stars and Stripes
Available only at Dollar Tree, Stars and Stripes is the best value at $1.25 for 2.75 liters, but it contains artificial sweeteners, many calories, and high fructose corn syrup.
8. Shasta Orange
Though it is another great bargain, Shasta Orange’s flavor falls heavily on the sweet side and is strongly carbonated. It’s not terrible, but there are better choices.
7. Fanta Orange
A product of Coca-Cola, Fanta is sweet and syrupy with a strong orange flavor that tastes more like orange candy than actual fruit, though it does have some zestiness.
6. Sunkist
Sunkist tastes tangy and sweet with obvious citrus overtones and a more natural flavor, despite containing no juice. It also contains caffeine, unlike many other orange sodas.
5. Crush Orange
Crush’s orange flavored soda is good but no longer uses real fruit juice as it once did. The flavor is sweet, crisp, and less tangy than its competitors, and it has a nice balance.