A stack of chocolate sandwich cookies isolated on a grey background
Ranking 12 Oreo Flavors From Worst To Best
By Carly Terzigni
Oreos have been released in many unique flavors over the years, and while some have been hits, others, like their limited-edition Swedish Fish flavor, were total misfires. These cherry cream-filled Oreos sent the internet into a tizzy, and Thrillist writer Lee Breslouer noted that they smelled like "a bottle of cherry Benadryl."
12. Swedish Fish
People raced to guess the mystery flavor when it first appeared in 2017, and Nabisco finally revealed it was Fruity Pebbles. Many fans had accurately guessed the flavor before its reveal, while many took to the internet to voice their displeasure with the cookie.
11. Mystery
Some citrusy fruit flavors go naturally with sweeter flavors, but things can get a little dicey when you introduce a flavor as bold and sweet as an Oreo cookie. While there seems to be an audience on Reddit that enjoys the lemon-flavored Oreos, this flavor also has some of the loudest critics.
10. Lemon Thins
When Nabisco introduced a Reduced Fat Oreo, they were almost identical to the original Oreo but with less filling. As they contained a significant amount of added sugar, they didn’t offer any true "health" benefit to customers, leaving many wondering why they even bothered.
9. Reduced Fat
Oreo Thins had no change in flavor to the original but instead had a different structure that made the cookie much thinner and crispier. Many claim to prefer the cookie-to-cream ratio of the Thins more, with just 35 calories per cookie.
8. Oreo Thins