A closeup of broccoli florets.
Ranch Seasoning Adds A Burst Of Magic To Roast Broccoli
By Allison Lindsey
Roasted broccoli may not be everyone’s go-to dish, but if you dust the vegetable with a sprinkle of ranch seasoning, you’ll convert even the most picky eater.
Ranch seasoning is commonly made with a blend of dried herbs and spices like garlic, onion, dill, parsley, chives, and sometimes buttermilk or sour cream powder.
The culmination of these tangy, aromatic, and umami-dense flavors will liven up broccoli's folksy, grassy taste, so you can enjoy a roasted vegetable platter teeming with flavor.
Roasting is key in this easy-to-make veggie recipe, as the flavors of the spice blend will deepen and expand for a more pronounced ranch seasoning bravado when roasted.
Since the ingredients used to make ranch seasoning are commonly used in other side dishes and entrees, you'll never run out of ways to pair this flavorful broccoli dish.