Fried chicken legs flying isolated on a black background
Ramen-Breaded Fried Chicken Is A Unique Take On The Classic Dish
By Lauren Wood
From marinating to breading, there are many different ways to upgrade your fried chicken. Many have tried breading with panko, crackers, cornflakes, cornstarch, and even pancake mix, yet one unique ingredient provides the ultimate crunch, mouthwatering taste, and innovative style. 
Ramen-breaded fried chicken is an excellent twist on the classic dish, and with the instant ramen’s variety of flavors and the use of buttermilk, this dish explodes with flavor, crunch, and tender chicken. Chicken thighs, wings, legs, and tenders work well for this Asian-infused meal.
To make ramen-breaded fried chicken, marinate the chicken in a mix of buttermilk and ramen seasonings, then crush instant noodles for the outer coating. Next, take your pre-marinated chicken, roll it through textured crumbs, fry it, and then sprinkle some extra ramen seasoning on top for the finish.