Prince William and Kate Middleton's royal wedding
Prince William's Groom's Cake Honored The Queen In The Sweetest Way
By Elaina Friedman
One of the heartwarming details of Prince William and Kate Middleton's wedding was his groom's cake: a royal chocolate biscuit cake, which he chose in honor of his grandmother.
"The Queen's been eating chocolate biscuit cake for years," Chef Darren McGrady said on his YouTube channel. McGrady cooked for various members of the royal family for 15 years.
Queen Elizabeth II's favorite chocolate biscuit cake recipe is quite simple. Rather than crushing the biscuits, McGrady would break them into small pieces for added texture.
McGrady insists on using rich tea biscuits that are light and sweet. They're lighter in color and milder in flavor than digestive biscuits while less crumbly than graham crackers.
The biscuit pieces are coated in a mixture of sugar, butter, and melted chocolate and pressed into a cake pan. It's chilled, covered in more melted chocolate, and chilled again.
That's right — there's no baking involved. McGrady suggests making the simple treat your own by adding chopped dates, apricots, M&Ms, or whatever else your sweet tooth craves.