bowl of chicken and dumplings
Potato Flakes Are The Secret To A Thick Pot Of Chicken And Dumplings
By Arianna Endicott
Chicken and dumplings often begin with a roux base — flour and fat that acts as a thickener. If you want to omit it altogether, you can make this dish heartier in less time.
Simply sprinkle some dehydrated potato flakes into your other liquid ingredients. Boxes of instant mashed potatoes can be found in most grocery stores and cost only a few dollars.
The potato flakes absorb the excess liquid to thicken the stew. Start by adding in a little at a time and gradually whisk in more until it reaches your desired consistency.
Instant mashed potatoes are just mashed potatoes that have been dehydrated and turned into powder. When rehydrated, they taste and feel like the original potato mash.
This potato powder rehydrates when added to the chicken and dumplings. The starchy spuds thicken the liquid just enough without making it taste overwhelmingly like potatoes.
Different flavors of instant mashed potatoes, such as butter-flavored, roasted garlic, four cheese, or cheddar potatoes, could enhance your dish and add richness.