Cadbury Crème Egg against a white background.
Pop Your Cadbury Easter Eggs In The Air Fryer And Thank Us Later
By Chase Shustack
Ever since their introduction in Birmingham, England, in the early 20th century, Cadbury Crème Eggs have become one of the most defining treats of the Easter season. Everybody enjoys their Cadbury egg differently, but one method turns the candy into a surprisingly delicious treat that combines pastry, crème, and chocolate.
The "air-fryer Cadbury Egg" is a quick and easy dessert using a Cadbury egg, a beaten egg (a real egg, we should note), and your choice of croissant or pastry dough. Wrap the croissant or pastry dough around the Cadbury egg until it's completely sealed — this is easier if the dough has been cut into triangles.
Brush the dough pocket with the beaten egg before tossing it in your air fryer at 338 degrees Fahrenheit for 8 minutes, then flip the pastry over halfway through cooking to ensure all sides brown evenly and no filling has leaked out from cracks in the dough. The result should be a golden-brown pastry with an interior filled with milk chocolate and melted crème filling.