The outside of an Olive Garden
People Seriously Undervalue The Size Of Olive Garden's Unlimited Pasta Bowls
By Riya Anne Polcastro
When Olive Garden's Never-Ending Pasta Bowl promotion is in full swing, it's no surprise that many customers seem to have eyes bigger than their bellies.
While people may head into the restaurant expecting to get through multiple bowls, they end up underestimating just how big the servings actually are.
After getting through the first serving, the subsequent refills are technically much smaller, but even at half the size of the first serving, they're still pretty big.
A simple mistake many customers make is to fill up on endless free starters like Olive Garden's iconic breadsticks before their giant servings of pasta even arrive.
One former Olive Garden server suggested that drinking soda with their pasta could be another reason customers weren't able to eat as many bowls as they'd hoped.
She also suggested starting with a refill-size serving instead of the initial oversized bowl, but regardless of strategy, patrons should be prepared for monster-size meals.