Pieces of ginger are falling on a white background. Isolated
One Quick Trick For Peeling Ginger Only Requires A Spoon
By Linda Larsen
Ginger is used in many cuisines for its mild heat that adds warmth and fragrance to any dish and for its many health benefits. Compared to powdered or candied ginger, fresh ginger has the most intense flavor, and this trick to peeling one only requires a spoon.
To start, break off a piece or two, depending on how much the recipe calls for, then get a plain, non-serrated, stainless steel or silver spoon. Hold its bowl in your dominant hand, grab the piece of ginger in your other hand, and scrape the spoon edge firmly against the ginger root to peel the skin.
Once peeled, you can grate the ginger on a regular grater or a Microplane, chop it with a knife, or whirl it in a food processor or blender. Put the rest of the ginger root in a bag and pop it in the fridge for up to three weeks, or freeze it for a few months.