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One Of The Biggest Mistakes You Can Make At The Aldi Checkout Line
By Erin Metz
Aldi has nearly 1,400 locations across the U.S. and serves around 30 million customers each month, so the chain essentially relies on a fast and efficient checkout process.
One big mistake you can make at Aldi is holding up the checkout line, especially during peak hours, so try to reduce your socializing while unloading items onto the conveyor belt.
Unlike the well-lit aisles of products that encourage shoppers to browse at a leisurely pace, the checkout line demands a sense of urgency to keep the line from getting too long.
It shouldn't take more than a few minutes to place all of your items onto the conveyor belt. Be ready to unload your large, heavy bulk items when you reach the front of the line.
Aldi cashiers expect customers to put all their items onto the conveyor belt to be scanned, so waiting for a reminder from your cashier makes things take even longer.
It might be beneficial to ask a friend or family member to go shopping with you to have extra helping hands unloading your cart to shed a few minutes off your checkout time.