A closeup of King Charles.
One Of King Charles' Favorite Meals Is A British Classic
By Julia Mullaney
King Charles is known to be particular about his food and diet, but when it comes to his favorite dishes, he recently revealed that a pheasant crumble pie is one of them.
It might seem unusual to those outside of the UK, but the dish is popular among the royals, who even host an annual pheasant shooting event on Boxing Day.
The dish is easy to make, and Charles revealed that he first had it when he received the recipe from a friend. It contains four parts: Pheasant, stock, roux, and crumbled topping.
The recipe comes together by cooking a whole pheasant in stock, then shredding the meat, adding it back to the stock, and creating a roux (which creates a thicker sauce).
The pie is finished in the oven, where it's heated thoroughly. When it's done, it's usually served in a dish topped with breadcrumbs and bacon crumble.