Bobby Flay in a restaurant's kitchen.
One Of Bobby Flay's Favorite Cocktails Is A Viral Hit
By S. Ferrari
The Negroni sbagliato, which has gone viral thanks to "Game of Thrones" star Emma D'Arcy, is a simple twist on the three-ingredient structure of a Negroni.
However, D'Arcy isn't the only celebrity who loves this drink. Bobby Flay revealed on his podcast "Always Hungry," that it's one of his favorites.
A Negroni sbagliato omits the gin and is topped with prosecco, resulting in a bittersweet drink with an effervescence that's absent from the original.
It's kind of a cross between a Negroni and a spritz. Compared to its bitter red cousin, it has a lower alcohol content, making it an ideal sipper for those sensitive to booze.