A charcuterie board on a large platter.
One Jammy Condiment Will Elevate Your Next Charcuterie Board
By Grace Allison
Whichever other ingredients you choose for your next charcuterie board, consider adding versatile onion jam to bring all those wonderful flavors together.
Onion jam is sweet, sticky, and savory. Packed with tart pieces of sweet, acidic caramelized onion, it lays perfectly on top of soft cheeses like brie as well as a tangy Roquefort.
Sweet onions are considered the best variety for onion jam. Caramelize your onions with a combination of herbs and spices, and vinegar, water, oil,
or butter.
Mixed with different profiles, the jam can lean toward sweeter or meatier, depending on how you want to pair it with the other components on your charcuterie board.
Apple onion jam melds the fruity, fresh apple notes with sharp onion to create a light medley, while tomato onion jam adds some subtle umami notes.
If you want to double down on the meaty elements of your board, make a bacon onion jam. Candy the bacon and onion in maple syrup, and add half a cup of bourbon.