Green enchiladas casserole in a baking dish topped with cheese and cilantro
Not Frying Your Tortillas For Enchiladas Is Your Biggest Mistake
By Linda Larsen
With a savory meat filling, some veggies, and warm tortillas, enchiladas are a delicious meal to be enjoyed at any Mexican restaurant or family dinner, as long as they’re prepared properly. Since nothing can ruin a great enchilada more than a broken or mushy tortilla, you might want to try frying them.
After preparing your ingredients, heat a pan with about half an inch of vegetable oil over medium heat until a drop of water sizzles in it, and fry corn or flour tortillas for about eight to 10 seconds on each side. Watch how the color deepens, and the tortilla will get slightly crispy but still be pliable enough to roll.
That little bit of frying not only brings out the flavor of the tortilla as it caramelizes the sugars to complement the savory filling, but this process also hardens the tortilla slightly, meaning it won't absorb too much moisture and fall apart. If this method doesn't bode for you, you can also warm lightly oiled tortillas in the oven.