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Non-Alcoholic Drinks Reign Supreme In Yelp's 2023 Food Predictions
By Elaina Friedman
In 2021, a study from global marketing research firm Nielsen showed that non-alcoholic (or "zero-proof") beverage sales increased 33% in the span of 52 weeks. Some may see this as a short-lived trend, but according to Yelp's roundup of 2023 food predictions, zero-proof spirits are poised to be hotter than ever next year.
Yelp predicts that mocktails will continue to reign supreme in 2023, writing that it saw a 59% increase in searches for mocktails in 2022. Over a dozen booze-free watering holes pepper the globe, from Brooklyn to San Francisco to Germany, and zero-proof spirits are getting top-shelf treatment.
The zero-proof trend likely relates to the millennial buzz around plant-based meat alternatives. Not only do animal-free and zero-proof products share a wellness component, but they also appeal to those looking to reduce their carbon footprint.