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Never Leave Trader Joe's Without This Frozen Treat
By Dawn Hammon
Trader Joe's Gone Bananas dark chocolate-covered banana slices take snacking to a new level. This bittersweet treat packs creamy, ripe bananas into an easy frozen treat.
This snack is one of TJ's best frozen offerings since it's simple, delicious, easy to reach for when you want something sweet, and highly versatile.
The bananas can make a great topper for a bowl of ice cream, bring a chocolate banana flavor to a milkshake, and offer a hint of something different for your s'mores.
While some products give the essence of banana through food flavorings, Trader Joe's Gone Bananas actually starts with a real, whole banana that's been cut into slices.
The kluai hom bananas used for the treat are a product of Thailand and are known to be naturally sweet and firm. They're coated with Belgian chocolate for a luxurious finish.
Each eight-ounce box contains around 20 individual chocolate-covered banana slices. If you go by the recommended serving size, this nets five servings of four pieces.