Salmon on a bed of greens in a cast iron dish
Never Eat Dry Salmon Again With A Simple Brine Tip
By Betsy Parks
To prevent your salmon from getting too dry, take a page from restaurant chefs and try brining it before it's cooked, which will help keep the fish moist and flaky.
You simply need to add a few tablespoons of Kosher salt to regular water. Depending on how much salmon you plan to cook, mix about 5 tablespoons of salt for every 3 cups of water.
Hot water will dissolve the salt faster, but make sure you cool the brine down before adding your fish so that it doesn't start to cook the outer layer.
Once the brine is ready, drop in the fish and let it soak for 15 to 45 minutes. The longer you brine, the saltier the fish will become, which isn't good for delicate fish.
However, if you want to add extra flavor and save a step, use a brine that's probably already in your refrigerator — the liquid from pickles, olives, or other pickled vegetables.