Banana bread in a pan
Neapolitan Banana Bread Puts A Colorful Spin On The Classic Treat
By Crystal Antonace
To upgrade both the color and flavor of your next banana bread loaf, turn it into a Neapolitan-flavored treat with a few simple ingredients.
After you've assembled your banana bread batter, separate the mixture into three bowls. Leave one untouched, as this one will serve as the vanilla layer.
Add pulverized freeze-dried strawberries to one of the bowels for the strawberry layer and cocoa powder and chocolate chips to the other.
Use enough until the two bowls batter have a noticeable color difference. To layer them, add the chocolate batter first, then the banana, and finally the strawberry in a pan.
You can also add a color-coded glaze for your treat. Make a simple yet thick milk and powdered sugar glaze and divide the mixture into three bowls.
Add freeze-dried strawberries, vanilla, and cocoa powder to each portion, glazing the top of your bread in pink, white, and brown sections.