A pitcher of michelada with two pint glasses with salted rimBrunch Micheladas on dark wooden surface
Michelada Vs. Bloody Mary: What's The Difference?
By Julia Mullaney
From jalapeño margaritas to ginger beer-infused Moscow Mules, spicy cocktails come in many forms, and two of the most popular are the Bloody Mary and Michelada. A Bloody Mary is thought of as a brunch drink, while a Michelada is a daytime drink that can transition into the night, and there are some key differences between them.
While Bloody Mary recipes vary, it always contains vodka, tomato juice, various spicy ingredients, and a garnish, such as the classic celery stick. Although commonly classified as a hangover cure, a Bloody Mary only serves to temporarily delay any symptoms, and may even make them worse later on.
A Michelada forgoes the tomato juice and vodka, instead including a Mexican-style, light-tasting beer, finished off with lime juice, salt, and hot sauce. There aren’t quite as many bells and whistles as a Bloody Mary either, as a Michelada is often garnished with a simple lime.