A closeup of a McDonald's restaurant.
McDonald's Once Had A Meal That Came With Free Money
By Erin Metz
One of the many 1980s-era McDonald's items was the Chicken McNuggets Fiesta promotion, which promised fans a real collectible coin from one of six Latin American countries.
According to PCGS, the coins came from Argentina, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guatemala, Peru, and Venezuela. The meal also came with collectible coin cards with a slot for each country.
The coin slots had flags of the respective countries and facts about the coin's unique origins. This meal also came with a unique offering of spicy dipping sauces.
The "fiesta-inspired" sauces were Mesquite BBQ, Green Chili Salsa with Jalapeño Peppers, Mild Salsa with Chunks of Tomato and Onions.
So, even though it was not money you could spend in the U.S., the meal put a little extra change in your pocket and satisfied your tummy with unique sauces and nuggets.
However, the language used in promotion wasn't culturally sensitive, promoting the items as "real south of the border coins," which is diminishing to the Latin American countries.