Closeup of an Aldi signage.
May Aldi Finds For The Best Backyard Barbecue Ever
By Stacie Adams
A 12-ounce pack of Simply Nature Chicken Sausages costs just $4.99. The spicy Italian and Cajun flavors are great choices and additions to various dishes.
Chicken Sausage
Park Street Deli boneless ribs offer two enticing flavors at just $6.99. The Honey Jalapeno and the Kapow flavors will be the stars of your outdoor gatherings.
Boneless Ribs
Kirkwood Mediterranean Chicken Kabobs will cost just $5.99 per box. Shoppers can also pick up the paprika-infused and Greek-inspired versions.
Chicken Kabobs
Kirkwood Southern Style Crispy Chicken costs just $8.99 per package. This dish pairs well with the Amish-style potato salad because of its tart subtle sweetness.
Crispy Chicken
Cattlemen's Ranch Prime Rib and Pub Style beef patties are just $8.49 this month and are a great addition to a backyard grill fest.
Beef Patties