celebrity chef Martha Stewart
Martha Stewart's Tuna Salad Features One Unexpected Ingredient
By Kalea Martin
Among other ingredients like celery, apples, and "lemonaise" (lemony mayonnaise), Martha Stewart enhances her tuna salad with an unexpected ingredient: fresh basil.
Basil imparts a distinct, herbaceous quality to tuna salad and adds a brightness that cuts through the rich, savory flavors of the mayonnaise and tuna.
For a 12-ounce can of tuna, Martha Stewart uses two tablespoons of chopped basil. You don't have to use exact measurements, but too much basil may overpower the
other ingredients.
This also works with other fresh herbs, but basil works particularly well in Martha Stewart's tuna salad recipe because it complements the flavors of the lemonaise and lemon juice.
She strategically incorporates an herb that pairs well with the main components of her recipe to tie everything together for a more satisfying tuna salad.